Balto Farms in Boulder, Colorado.  Built in 1870.

Balto Farms in Boulder, Colorado.  Built in 1870.



Nestled in the beautiful foothills of Boulder, Colorado is our very well loved home, Balto Farms.  Our homestead is one of Boulder's oldest and historical farms dating back to 1870. With a great deal of grit and determination, our family has breathed life back into the farm doing our best to respect its rich history.  The house is built from fieldstone on the property with exterior stone walls two feet thick!  The agricultural outbuilding are great examples of vernacular farm buildings of the early 20th century. 

Our family loves to provide Farm Fresh Vegetables, Seasonal Flowers, Sprout fed Chicken Eggs, Wool from our loved Babydoll Sheep and Angora Rabbits, King Shepherd pups, and Honey from our Hives.  For our current offerings and  availability please contact us using the "Contact Us" link or call 512.944-5216.  


Our hard-working farm family. (photos courtesy of Darcy Kiefel)


Some History of the 1870 Balto Farmhouse

Floors sloped from living room through kitchen.

Floors sloped from living room through kitchen.

Restoration of flooring

Upon first glance, many thought the floor was sloping due to a foundation problem.  The real issue was much simpler. The floor joists had become old and brittle and had collapsed or twisted onto the ground. 


Artisan Stonework Discovered below the Stucco

Upon some research it was discovered that the homestead was referred to as "the stone house on the hill."  This was peculiar as the house was nothing but stucco inside and out.  Upon further examination it was discovered that the house was indeed all stone.  With painstaking care, each interior wall was delightfully brought back to its original condition.  The craftsmanship of the era was nothing short of amazing.  In the late 1800's boulder was populated by European immigrants who possessed many talents.  These walls were constructed by the hands of a talented craftsman. 



View from Kitchen to Livingroom

Although much of the needed work was much more important to ultimately have the old farmhouse ready for the family to move in, the restoration of the walls became the focus of our attention.  Without these original exposed walls, the home wouldn't be its true self.   There's not a moment that I don't walk down the stairs and marvel at its beauty and magnificence.  



Lavender Farm and Hemp Farm

Located on our little 6 acre farm is a one acre Lavender Farm with 12 varieties of lavender. On our second farm, we have a 15 acre Hemp Farm. Both farms use probiotic growing techniques to produce the healthiest plants and supplement the soil for future generations,