Our Babydolls

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The BABYDOLL Southdown is a sheep of the early Southdown type imported into the U.S. and seen in England in the 1800's through the early 1900's. They are 18" to 24" at the shoulder and display the original Southdown type and characteristics. The Southdown breed of sheep originated in the South "Downs" of Sussex County, England, and is one of the oldest of the Down breeds. Their wool is one of the finest wools of all the British breeds. 

2018 For Sale NABSSAR Registered Lambs

Balto Farms is excited to announce that we currently have several baby ewes and rams available!  Please contact us at 512-944-5216 or by using the contact us link.

Our Sheep

Our Sheep are registered with NABSSAR (North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association) .  They are very special to us. We see that they get all the proper care and attention.  We often are asked why our sheep are so friendly and it's because we care for them daily and spend lots of time around them. 

Babydoll Wool

Babydoll wool is one of the finest wools of the British breeds. The micron count typically ranges from 23 to 29 which means it can be worn comfortably on the skin.  We use it for socks, mittens, hats, blankets, and sweaters!  Check availability for these throughout the year.  Call 512-944-5216



I just love my baby lambs! They greet me each morning and they are so lovable and easy to take care of. My babies came from such a loving farm! I’ll be back to bring a few more home!
— Loretta Conway
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